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About Us

What's in a name? For us, a lot.

Definition of the salt of the earth:  a very good and honest person or group of people; basic fundamental goodness; a person or group considered as embodying simplicity and moral integrity. 

It is our mission to live up to the name we have chosen,
every single day. If something is not up to your satisfaction, please let your server know so we can have you leave happy!

We are a small restaurant located in a century old house with 9 tables. We do fill up quickly during peak times throughout the year, so reservations are recommended.

grilled salmon

The Team



Chef, Owner

Andrea was born and raised in Buffalo, NY in a quiet, suburban home. She always loved to travel and wanted to have a career where she could work where people vacationed. After attending Paul Smith's College, Andrea worked in Alaska, but soon returned to the Adirondacks. It was her love of traveling and exotic flavors that shaped her style of cooking. With hard work and a lot of luck, she was able to open SOTE with her friends and family, to see a life long dream realized. 



Front of House Manager

Liz gained her 22 years of experience in the restaurant industry through the school of hard knocks and also attended SUNY Plattsburgh, where she earned a Bachelor's Degree. She has an unparalleled love and passion for creating a memorable dining experience, paired with awesome eats.



Mr. Fix-It

Trained as a commercial pilot, Dennis brings his myriad of skills to SOTE. From busting suds, to being the fix-it guy, Dennis brings his analytic training to ground the creative overflow.

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